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Skype: paymentsofme
How To Place Order:

Key Points Before Making Orders:
1. Please Check Post/Profile If It Is Public Before Placing Orders, If Profile/Post Is Private Order Will Not Be Refunded.
2. Please Don't Place Orders of Same Link Twice At The Same Time, Let first order complete/Cancel/Partially refund then place order of same link again.
3. No Refill/ No Refund Means that this service may drop, in that case there will be no free refills or refund for the order.
4. Support Can Take Upto 48 hrs to respond to your ticket, Usually it take less then 12 hours.
5. Complain about orders older then 15 days will be ingored.
6. All Prices Mentioned in Panel are on 1000 basis.
7. If "Only username" Is written infront of service then place only username of profile not complete link, in this link: (Bold part is Username). in order place only that.
How to place new order: 
in the field Type — select the type of services from the dropdown list. 
in the field Link — fill the link on which you need service
in the field Quantity — fill the needed quantity of likes/followers (1000 is written as 1K).
Why My Order Is Refunded? 
If status refunded it means that you Page/Profile have some kind of limitation Or the order is not place in right format, due to which we cannot work on it, Make sure all page/profiles are public before placing orders, And Order is placed with right format as required by the service.
Are these Service are Safe? 
All our services are safe and we haven't any complaints of account/video/profile deletion.
Do we give any guarantee? 
All our services are safe But may not be held liable or accountable for any or whatever damages you or your business may incur. does not guarantee website uptime or availability as it uses the internet to deliver its services. 
Do we refill/refund if likes/followers drops? 
Sites, keeps changes there policy, Any Service on our panel ,no stable guarantee ( If we don't mention stable )and for YouTube no video safe guarantee.You take services at your own guarantee.How ever we provide Refill service sometimes if service drop within 48 hours OR the time mention in the Service.
Are all service are Instant start? 
Start time depends on server load, and service you are purchasing, we can't guarantee you instant start always.
Do You offer cheap Prices for me, I will give you loads of orders? 
Yes: Discounts are given depending on order volume. if you give good amount of orders for any service for 1 month, then you are eligible of discount.If you used 1000$ in 1 month contact us for discounts!